• There wouldnt even be a cold war if you just blocked them.

    What kind of friends try to control the people you talk to.

    What kind of friends harass you because you're friends with someone they don't like?

    Thats n o n e  o f  t h e i r  b u i s n e s s.

    You stood by me while they were being jerks and was even there when Abi wasn't.

    I admit I am ashamed of myself for not noticing this.

    I took you for granted.

    But..why would you take their side? Do you even know what they're doing? Theyre controlling you. You let them decide for you. You blocked them because they wanted you too. Theyre being toxic. This wasn't your choice.

    I dont care if they see this post, and quite frankly I will defend myself and bring my other friends to help if it comes to that.

    I am dissappointed in you Mario. 

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