These are the main wiki and chat rules. They apply to everyone. Even the Founder/Owner and the Second-in-Command.

Universal LawEdit

  1. Be respectful to others, treat others how you would like to be treated.
  2. Give constructive criticism (Saying a page is just bad without saying how they could work on it, will not help, nobody will be happy with this.)
  3. Do NOT upload artwork made by an artist without their permission.(Unless it is made for free use)

Galactic DecreesEdit

  1. All species are recommended to not be indestructible, however if very powerful should at least have a weakness that isn't too insane.
  2. Art is not required, but a reference for Appearance is at the very least recommended.
  3. To roleplay in chat, you need at least one character or species. (Original character or own species, not something from another intellectual property) If you do not follow this rule, you will be pushed out of the roleplay.
  4. If the character is considered "bad", it will be placed in the Candidates for deletion category for the requisite three weeks grace period to be fixed.
  5. Pages are advised to be be a Minimum of one Paragraph long.

Planet RegulationsEdit

  1. No NSFW (Sexual Content) content is to be shared in main. Saying slightly sexual things in main is fine, but don't push it. (aka posting porn)
  2. No spamming
  3. No godmodding (Dodging everything, dealing out instant death hits, infinite healing items, etc)
  4. Please respect and be kind to others.
  5. Swearing is allowed, as long as it isn't directed towards anyone in the chat.
  6. No controlling a character that is not yours. 
  7. No Sockpuppets (Especially when banned.)
  8. No excessive caps. No one needs that.
  9. No Minmodding. (Telling other Users what to do in spite of the fact that you are just a User yourself, instead let the actual mods do their job)

Planetary NoticeEdit

To Mods and Admins: The ability to police chat is a privilege given unto you by your fellow Users, abuse of such powers will not be tolerated in any way. No Exceptions.

  1. Warning - You should stop what you're doing that is causing the problem.
  2. Kick (After 2 Warnings) - Please follow the rules for the chat, we all just want to have a good time.
  3. Ban (After 2 Kick) - First Ban will be up to two hours, consecutive offences after your first ban will lead to longer and longer bans up to and including three weeks until a total chat ban.

Be reminded that just because this is the usual protocol that not EVERY mod or admin will do this.